About Angie Sierra

Enlightened Creators

Hi my name is Angie Sierra πŸ™‚
I am a Tai Chi instructor, Reiki practitioner, and a Mind Body Spirit mentor.
My mission is to raise
consciousness and assist in guiding us towards living a more balanced, awakened, meaningful life.

What inspires me to do this work is Global Transformation.
What got me on this path of raising consciousness and global transformation was hitting rock bottom.

I had to finally face myself to truly discover who I was when everything around me was crumbling…
My relationship had ended, I lost my job which was my only source of income, money was gone and I was forced to sell
most of my possessions.
I was in debt, gained 60 pounds (weighing almost 200 pounds) and fell into a deep dark depression.

The thought that consumed me most was, ‘I wasn’t good enough‘.
This belief led to feeling an unbearable amount of self-doubt, embarrassment, rejection, insecurity and for the first time really wanting to give up on life.
I was living in a state of anger and resentment towards myself.
I hit this low point in 2009. It was in the midst of this almost unbearable low time in my life, that literally in one night: ironically birthed
acceptance of all these events that had occurred, full surrender to the truth, and the feeling of peace & freedom throughout this mind, body and heart.

Something within was trying to emerge, and the only way for this ‘Essence‘ to come through was by me nearly losing it all.

The morning after hitting rock bottom, I woke up incredibly light, deeply grateful, humbled, and in awe for life.
Everything was magnified. The grass was greener, the sky bluer, the colors vibrant, the sounds enhanced.
I didn’t know what this was, but, intuitively knew without words… The feeling was of inner as well as outer peace and freedom.

It was a true blessing in disguise… giving me the opportunity to re-build myself again, starting from the ground up…but through a new set of eyes πŸ™‚

With this new perspective I began to live life differently. I traveled, got into fitness and holistic nutrition.
Attended silent and meditation retreats, practiced yoga, studied psychology and online marketing, and became a Tai Chi instructor, Reiki practitioner and Life Coach.
To maintain this new way of life, it took a lot of inner work, moving through A LOT of stuff and healing.

I have since then dedicated my life to deeper truths, embodying inner wisdom, sacred knowledge, and online skills to contribute towards the raising of human consciousness and global transformation.
My role is to develop purpose driven, heart centered people so that we may collaborate and co-create a more healthier, sustainable, awakened world.