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Mindful Entrepreneur – Powerful Reminders to Keep You Grounded, Centered and True
to Your Highest Nature
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~ Excerpts from this Everlasting Insightful eBook ~
“Look around you; notice how everything is shapes, colors, textures with names. This is what many are attached to.
But ultimately, nothing in this world is ours. We are guest here and everything is leased.
We are only attached to the thought in our mind that says people, objects or things are ours…”
Hold your Intentions/Detach from Outcomes

“Always hold what you intend to manifest no matter what the outcomes seem to look like.
I say this because often when things appear to go wrong, we lose focus or give up on our intention and instead create limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and negative emotions.

Know in your heart that whatever happens is part of the bigger picture.
For example, if your intention is to live a wealthy life, you may first have to experience loss.
But what loss really is, is an opportunity to learn and prepare for a wealthy life.”

Mindful Entrepreneur is what will keep you in the game when your mind wants to complain.
What will transcend your limiting beliefs and unlock your limitless potential…

A few have already come to realize what Angie Sierra is about to share with you.
But just to reveal a bit more, this is not positive thinking. It is not theories, philosophies or the same mainstream stuff you hear about.
This is True Direct Living and Much of what is contained in this eBook is unheard of by the Masses!

Once You Absorb and Put To Use
What will be Revealed to You on the Other Side of this page,
You Will:

  • Uncover what stands in the way of true lasting change.
  • Know exactly how to position yourself to receiving an Infinite amount of Peace, Creativity, Understanding and Guidance.
  • Free yourself from any limitations.
  • Clear out the clutter and supercharge your brain power.
  • Operate from a more intuitive place.
  • Cultivate a Deeper Awareness and Radiate Love, wisdom and gratitude.
  • Add more healthy years to your life.
  • Strengthen your focus and choices.
  • Create a world filled with value, meaning and purpose.
  • Plus much, much more Timeless Principles that you can apply to create breakthroughs in your Life and Business…

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~ Excerpt on ‘Competition’ ~
“See yourself in everyone. It’s not about competition. In essence we are the same, so why would we want to compete against ourselves?

Notice how nature, new born animals and baby’s have no worries, stress, insecurities or negativity. They instead live on purpose, peaceful and in harmony.
They exist to keep us connected with the beauty, love, and purity that already exists within us.

Can you imagine if we saw two trees fighting each other because one was growing more leaves than the other?
Or animals judging and criticizing how other animals looked..?
Or if the sun and the moon decided to pick and choose who they were going to shine their light on..?
The sun and the moon never ask for anything in return. Their light is a gift that is used and shared with the world. That is their purpose.
All in this world has a purpose.”

What Angie is sharing isn’t some profound teaching that goes over the head of an average person. It’s a profound teaching that uplifts and gives hope through practical truths to any person with an open heart. If you are willing to listen, then you’ll be able to hear, take action, and view from a higher perspective.
I am inspired and motivated by the power in her words.
Mindful Entrepreneur is a must read for anyone yearning for a positive transformation and ultimately is a spiritual response to anyone already in the midst of a positive transformation.
Shanequa Pannell
MD, Writer, Performing Artist, Entrepreneur www.GuysandGalsMagazine.com

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